TravelAgentCardsunburn copyEveryone feels and looks better with a tan, however, no one wants to look like this!!  The scary fact is that over-exposure can occur even without the redness/soreness of a sunburn.  So, the presence of a sunburn means you really over-did it.  If you have over-exposed yourself to the sun and ended up red instead of brown, here are some treatment options for you.  

1.  Take an over-the-counter pain reliever; this will ease pain and help with inflammation.

2.  Use an anti-inflammatory product directly on the burn.  Suitable topical applications include aloe vera and cortisone cream.

3.  Take a cool bath or shower.  You can also apply cold compresses to your skin.  A cold compress soaked in skin milk will also help reduce inflammation.

4.  Sunburns are dehydrating, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

5.  Apply a fragrance free, non-irritating moisturizer liberally to prevent peeling.

6.  STAY OUT OF THE SUN until your sunburn is fully healed.

Please practice “safe sun” by not only wearing, but re-applying your sunscreen every couple hours.  And remember, your spray tan is NOT a base tan and will not prevent you from burning.  However, you are less likely to lay in the sun for hours and fry yourself if you already have a tan prior to that pool party or vacation.  =)

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